A Bigger God

“We can never have too big of a conception of God, and the more scientific knowledge (in whatever field) advances, the greater becomes our idea of His vast and complicated wisdom.” – JB Phillips, Your God Is Too Small

And yet the miracle of God’s majesty is that God has by God’s own design drawn near to us as a person, Jesus Christ. Christ our Savior, God’s son, enables us to experience the fullness of God in all of His majesty and glory.

What a gift! So for everyone out there today who is sweating the small stuff in your daily grind, just stop! Stop for a moment and reload your mind with this Bigger God. A God who is able to do all things who has come to us in His Son to make us Holy and by His Spirit to lead us into all truth.

The truth is we need a bigger image of God. A God so big we would never again trust our fear or anxiety in lieu of trusting the Almighty, Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Be encouraged because this Bigger God knows you and is awaiting your embrace to be Lord of all. Lord of the little and the big, Lord of the known and unknown, and Lord of the simple and the complex. May today be the day to discover you don’t have to settle anymore for an image of God too small!

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