new-startFor what its worth, I thought it would be interesting to ponder aloud the possibilities of living differently. After all, 2017 is not 2016 and never will be. For some of us, that is a source of joy and relief and for others that may be a source of grief and despair. The reality is that we have entered a different time and space.

The bigger question is, “Will we continue to live the same or will we live differently?” History teaches me that just because I am in a new and different year doesn’t mean that I won’t live the same. Unless I am intent on living differently then the default behaviors of the past will continue to stick like glue.

As you might well suspect, there are a million eclectic ideas around how to resolute the new opportunity forward differently. I stumbled upon one though that caught my attention. These 5 resolutes come from a little known writer who is apparently an up-and-comer. Here are his 5 things that he thinks YOU should do differently: 1) Stop Wasting Time; 2) Live Healthy; 3) Get a Better Working Situation, 4) End Toxic Relationships; and 5) Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

If you could have that done by Groundhog Day, it would be best! (Just kidding). I know what you are thinking. If you could just accomplish one of those you would be miles ahead of where you are, right? You probably don’t know Kimanzi Constable, who is the writer of these suggestions, and I am reasonable sure he doesn’t know you. So, how could these possibly be on target for so many? Because they simply make common sense.

You know faith in Christ to be Lord of all doesn’t negate common sense, it empowers it. Following Christ and moving beyond the familiar self-directed lifestyle is stepping out of your comfort zone. I highly recommend it. In fact, many of the other dominoes will fall if you can simply align your thoughts and behaviors around following God’s lead.

One more thing. Kimanzi has lost 170 pounds and moved his family to Maui over the past 3 years as he has transitioned from delivering baked goods to delivering bread for the mind and soul through his writing…

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