Making Sense of the Myriad

The last three weeks have been a fantastic opportunity to engage with thousands of people in our journey to better understand how to live as disciples of Jesus. One thing I have learned for sure is the frustration cycle that occurs with a resolution approach in the new year. One breakthrough that seems common is that the myriad of different compartments that we see as our life, God sees differently. God doesn’t see the myriad, but rather sees His tapestry ready to be woven into one.

People have a desire to change, but their desire rarely gets them to their destiny. They seek clarity around a meaningful and motivating destiny and even when they discover what God desires for them, they struggle with a strategy and then with the execution.

Last Sunday I shared a teaching message and a quote from Mike Roach that apparently triggered a desire in many to begin to think differently about their Christian life. Roach declares, “Strategy without execution is hallucination.”

But making the move from thinking differently to living differently is a really challenging transformation. But, God is able. That’s right, Christ in you, the hope of glory is able to do what you cannot humanly do. In fact, God is glorified by that story line in and through our lives as disciples of Jesus.

Simply put, the best strategy is to make Jesus Lord of your life and all its pieces and dynamics. The execution part is directly tied to the strategy. Understand that you cannot execute on the strategy unless Jesus is Lord practically leading you. The benefit? God gives grace, wisdom, and authority to actually lead and enable you to live the life God designed you for, the life of a follower of Jesus!

When you have had enough and want change bad enough to give up, then just tell God that very thing. God will take it from there, but in the wise words of Carrie Underwood you have to cooperate and let, “Jesus take the wheel.”

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