Ready, Aim, Fire

ginny thrasher

Congrats to the girl with the gun for being the first American to bring home a medal and the first Olympic Gold winner at the 2016 games! Ginny Thrasher is a 19-year-old college student from Virginia who now finds fame as an accomplished best-in-the-world. For her, the aim in Ready, Aim, Fire is the difference between winning the gold and going home empty-handed.

I was happy for Ginny as I watched her interview, but something she said really reinforced the importance of the aim part – “The closer I got to the end the more intensely I focused.” For a girl who shoots between 500-1000 rounds of ammo a day as she practices with the West Virginia shooting team, that’s a lot of focus!

We live in a day of multiple distractions and for many keeping our eyes and focus on Jesus is a challenge. Our heart wants to follow Christ well, but external factors and fierce time demands often leave us with little time to focus. Thus we live our lives in a ready then fire mode. Who’s got time to aim anymore? The person who feels like they rarely ever hit the target.

David was more than a King, he was a man after God’s on heart. In Psalm 141:8, we get a glimpse not only of his intense focus, but also of the one David focused his life and hope upon – But my eyes are fixed on you, Sovereign Lord; in you I take refuge—do not give me over to death. King David’s life was full of pressure and demands as well and yet he learned that his intense focus on God was his strength and his shield. No matter if it is “ready, aim, fire” or “ready, set, go,” please remember that focus more than any other element is the key to hitting the target. Living life God’s way is wonderful when we don’t let the urgent crowd out the important!


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  1. Ginny is a United Methodist!

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