General Conference Day 1

Jesus is Lord! The day begins within these 3 words which is the apostolic proclamation of the Church. For many months I have been praying the Lordship of Jesus as we have prepared for these days of prayer, fasting, and decision making in the United Methodist Church. I am blessed and honored to be one of the 864 delegates elected by my peers to represent the North Georgia Conference.

We have begun the morning with a wonderful worship and prayer with our brothers and sisters from across the world and heard an outstanding sermon from the Rev. Dr. Jerry Kulah of Liberia who reminded us that God, not money, is our provision. The banquet room at the hotel was set up for 600, but 800 showed up. Jesus is Lord!

We have worshiped and prayed as 864 global delegates who all are seeking the will and way of God in our church. We have prayed together and joined in the beautiful singing of songs like, “How Great Thou Art” in 4 languages. We will worship and pray this whole day long and today will be the beginning of a prayer movement that we believe will create a new awakening of God’s people.

We have also been at our best as Methodists as a movement. And yet we remain confronted with the reality that we are not united in our view of the authority of scripture. We confess that there is not unity around God’s teaching on marriage, sexuality, leadership, and the sanctity of life.

Many sustainable arguments and opinions would demand that we see that the issues are more problematic and complex, but the reality that remains before is is the Bible our guide and mandate in being followers of Jesus Christ. In the words of Dr. Billy Abraham, “if we trade truth for unity then we shall have neither.”

Pray for us that we would do no harm, do all the good we can, and stay in love with God. But more importantly pray that we would be faithful to God and the Word of God given to us by His mighty hand. Jesus is Lord of the Church!